Link Radio - Update needed!

Please note your current browser configuration does not support either HTML5 (with mp3 audio) or Flash. Unfortunately that means you can not listen to Link Radio directly on this website.

If you wish to listen to Link Radio over the internet, you can either listen to the stream using a separate media player or update your browser.

Listen via media player

Firstly, try opening this playlist file. If the file opens in a media player and starts playing Link Radio then you are good to go!
If not, there are several good media players available or you could try downloading one of When you have installed a suitable player, come back and reopen the playlist file by clicking "Play Externally" above.

Update your browser

There are many choices of Internet browser available, so feel free to choose your favourite. You could update your current browser to get HTML5 compatability, or you may wish to try one of the following browsers which are available for most operating systems: